July 31, 2010

In Honor

"Oh Fuck
Goodbyes Suck."

-Lyss Gorman

July 19, 2010

Connect The Dots

My body is a connect-the-dot
I draw lines with melting crayons
in a childlike need to see a bigger picture of who I am.

I've been spending most nights staring at my own sliver of sky
between the arches of Columbia University
and the rising smoke of a million cigarettes.

Three things I'm scared of:

"We only have 10 days left here."
"We are out of coffee."

and that all of life, is merely a goodbye.

July 13, 2010


We drove across the Bridge 2 summers ago.

Michael packed the essentials:
a jar of peanut butter,
a box of hangers,
and my scratched Simon and Garfunkel record.

It got hung on the wall,
we never actually bought a player,
the sound of silence was enough.

Waking up to sunrise skin,
The whirring of the fan,
and eventually,

to self.