July 31, 2011

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

This past week I flew to the Northwest to spend some time with family.
I cannot say how good it was to be with my brother on his sailboat, enjoying 75 degree weather, good coffee, and the beautiful city of Seattle. 
The day I flew home, I made the decision to change universities and to move to New York City in
a matter of weeks. I am so thankful that I was given a respite from the world and a time of rest
and peace before immense decisions and drastic life changes took place.
I think often, the universe looks out for us in that way.
Giving us a time to prepare on principle, or as a little concession.
And I love that. 
(here are a few shots from the trip) 

Borrowed Books

after the bargaining has ended
and the see you has been said
what will we be left with?

a snapshot in a parking lot
for a summer that started with
assurance, and ended with the unexpected.

a mouthful of memories,
without any memorabilia.

(Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu) 

July 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

This week / sixty-two / million mark / the marriage. / Arthur- the future king / the captain / of / the team. / Realistically, it will be feudal / with a / three day / feast to celebrate / respect, alliance, / families, / showpieces. 

July 28, 2011

Spokane, WA.

(photo via Letters from Maud).

Don’t fool yourself. You are/ significant. but much worse / than a thousand rainy days / just remember that. / I’m still in love with you / there is nothing as significant as / You. / Kiss me / If you can’t / say down with love / if you can’t say / you want to fight / if you can’t say / you live in a dream. / Say anything! / you can’t / I am half sick / do you ever / feel like / i’m still in love with you?

July 24, 2011

forgetting something

Try this--close /your eyes. No wait, when--if--we see each other / again, the first thing we should do is close our eyes--no, / first we should tie our hands to something/ solid--bedpost, doorknob-- otherwise they (wild birds) / might startle us / awake. Are we forgetting something? What about that / warehouse, the one beside the airport, that room / of black boxes, a man in each box? If you / bring this one into the light he will not stop / crying, if you show this one a photo of his son / his eyes go dead. Turn up the heat, turn up the song. First thing we should do / if we see each other again is to make / a cage of our bodies-- inside we can place / whatever still shines.

-nick flynn

(photo via The Land Between The Mountains)

July 21, 2011

This House.

(via Letters from Maud)

July 16, 2011

My Life

(Photo via The Land Between The Mountains)

Under Water

With you, I feel nine years old again.

Its July in the suburbs and I've swum down
to the bottom of the pool
to lay my cheek to the scratch of the cement
and open my eyes
bloodshot, to the chlorine.

At the bottom, it is beautiful.
Unparalleled in peace and the elegance of limbs
unusually graceful.

Yet the pressure hurts my eardrums
and looking up I see the heat
make a bed of the water
and jump.

I want that sunlight so desperately
now that I am far from it
and as my lungs fill and overflow
the panic becomes palpable.

I slip and kick and claw at the water
and worry all the way up
that I'll never break
that barrier
to burst forth
into the heated air
to scrape my knees on the sides
climbing out of the water
into the day.

(All this to say,
I think I'm in too deep with you).

July 7, 2011

10:45 Summer

I worshipped the wind
sucking my songs
eating my voice
making love to the melody
of words
learned in a moment
and lisped out
last minute
to a new song
in Michael's front seat
on the highway
in July.

( photo via TheLandBetweenTheMountains)

To Be This Beautiful...

"Walt, at about eleven, had a routine of looking at Seymour's wrists and telling him to take off his sweater. "Take off your sweater, hey, Seymour. Go ahead, hey. It's warm in here." S. would beam back at him, shine back at him. He loved that kind of horseplay from any of the kids. I did, too, but only off and on. He did invariably. He thrived, too, waxed strong, on all tactless or underconsidered remarks directed at him by family minors. In 1959, in fact, when on occasion I hear rather nettling news of the doings of my youngest brother and sister, I think on the quantities of joy they brought S. I remember Franny, at about four, sitting on his lap, facing him, and saying, with immense admiration, "Seymour, your teeth are so nice and yellow!" He literally staggered over to me to ask if I'd heard what she said."

-J.D. Salinger "Seymour, An Introduction"

July 3, 2011

Apple Cores

I wish that I had kissed you
in that magic moment
the summer night
had gone
the morning birds
had woken up
and nothing
thus everything
was sacred.

I didn't realize it then,
but now
on this Sunday afternoon
with a jar of peanut butter
and a Pink Lady
and Tender is the Night
and the thought
of you.

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

I will never love any band more than I love these chaps.
Beaming; through the whole song.