November 25, 2010


Standing in the driveway's loud array of leaves

Jane kissed each callouse
Bashful and pleased.


The first time Jane fell in love,
She was eleven years old.

It had been a grey Thanksgiving
and he was a boyfriend meeting sister's parents.

Side by side,
he picked at purpled cranberries
while she scratched distractedly at the slippered bruises on her knees.

"Shyness is nice" he offerred confidentially.
"Like a snowflake" she murmered back.

November 11, 2010

Wednesday's Ramble

(via Style Rookie)
I wonder if you see my eyes eating you up,
peeking over the edge of my green book to get a glimpse.

You are smiling bemusedly, I think you know I'm in love.

You call me 'cutie pie'
and I feel like a child,
but not in the good way.

In the way that begs you to see me the way I want to be seen,
not in the way that I am.