June 18, 2011

"Interesting, that given the choice between finding truth and talking about finding truth, most of us prefer the conversation."
-America in Short

June 8, 2011

"The noble soul has reverence for itself." -Nietzsche

June 1, 2011


(via The Sartorialist). 
how I love to see you and to be seen by you.

I thrill at your acknowledgement of my dancing eyes
as we note one another's shoes and style on the passing pavement.

I love the beaded sweat upon the upper lip of the man with the Doberman and the Frisbee.

I love the strong cord of the student's Achilles heel as he jogs by.

Here I am, part of this puzzle-piece park.
As crucial to the scenery as the dribbling of the soccer ball on the field.

Summer is
to feed the ducks and have my companion say to me,

"Everything is always a game with you."

What a laugh it all is, what a batted eyelash sort of beauty!

"Of course it's a game," I'll say.

And the strangers,
with their high stepping heels and their summertime simplicities
will nod in companionable agreement as they pass by in waves of winsome wonder.